CaFFEET Keynote: Jean Claude van Duysen – Director EDF R&D in the USA

Jean Claude van Duysen is the Director of EDF R&D in the USA. He is an engineer in Materials Science and graduated from the University of Lille in 1978. He has also earned two PhDs, one in Fundamental Physics (1982) and the second in Metallurgy (1987) before starting his professional career with EDF. Jean Claude held many positions while at EDF. In his early years, he held roles such as research engineer, project leader and head of the Materials department. In 2002, he founded and led the European Institute for Energy Research set up by EDF and Universität Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2006, he was Director of the Centre on Environment Research in Turin, Italy.

Aside from his work with EDF, Jean Claude has been a Professor at the Université de Lille, France since 1993. In 2007, he founded Global Vision Council, a non-profit organization helping Small and Medium Enterprises to innovate. He continues to hold the Chairman position for this organization.

Jean Claude is a published author, with more than 50 scientific articles in international journals. He also wrote a book on “Sustainable Development”.

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