Panel Co-Chair on Industrial Symbiosis: Denis Clodic

Denis CLODIC is doctor in energy processes of MINES ParisTech (1990), CNAM
engineer (1985), and emeritus research director of MINES ParisTech. He was the Head of the Center for Energy and Processes (80 people) during the last eighteen years. In January 2011, he has created ERIE SAS, of which he is the President. ERIE is a R&D company working downstream research laboratories for development of technologies that have been proven at the laboratory scale. ERIE SAS valorizes Armines patents previously written by D. Clodic and co-authors. Thermodynamics of energy systems is the core of his competencies. He is author or co-author of more than 150 international conference papers and of more than 30 peer reviewed articles. With his team he has developed several innovations in order to improve significantly energy efficiency of domestic refrigerators, and residential and industrial heat pumps. He has also developed two-phase flow expanders for saturated liquid, CO2 capture by antisublimation, and organic Rankine cycles integrated on process flue gases. He is the author or co-author of forty patents and more than twenty have been extended internationally. Denis Clodic is co-laureate of 2007 Nobel Price for its contributions to IPCC; he is member of Académie des Technologies since November 2010. He is a member of the ANR scientific council on energy, vice-president of AFCE (association on refrigerant choices), ASHRAE member and chair of 2 standard committees, member of the Technical Option Committee of UNEP on refrigerants.