Panel Co-Chair on Extension of the Smart Grid inside the Plant: Francois Xavier Rongère

François Xavier Rongère is currently managing PG&E products for Industrial Systems. In that position, he is responsible for the design, development and support of solutions offered to Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural customers to improve their company energy and environmental performance. He was previously in charge of the deployment of these services to the HighTech, BioTech and Healthcare sectors. Before that, he worked on the detection, assessment and market introduction of Energy Efficient Emerging Technologies in the Industry Sector. Mr. Rongere also held different technical and management positions at the R&D Division of Electricite de France (EDF, a French utility) where he developed innovative products for a variety of applications. He created Easenergy Inc. in 2000, EDF’s capital venture organization in the USA. Besides, he created in 2007 a new class about Alternative Energy Sources at San Jose State University focusing on renewable energies. He is a graduate of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in France.