Panelist on Waste Heat Recovery: David Wooley

David Wooley currently serves as Vice President of the Energy Foundation, with responsibility for a portfolio of grants on domestic energy policy reform, including a program that supports an energy efficiency policy advocacy network, active in 43 states.  He led a team that developed the greenhouse gas emission reduction target for California that was announced June 1, 2005.  He also managed research identifying regulatory changes needed to support expansion of California’s Renewable Portfolio standard.

David was appointed to Governor Pataki’s Greenhouse Gas Taskforce in 2002.  Recommendations of the Taskforce  led to the NY Renewable Portfolio Standard and the northeast states’ Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  David was appointed to NJ Governor McGreevy’s Renewable Energy Task Force, whose recommendations led to the recent expansion of the renewable energy procurement requirement in the Garden State.

From 1999-2003 he served as the Director of American Wind Energy Association’s Northeast State Policy Project. David represented AWEA in a variety of state administrative proceedings regarding transmission policy, interconnection requirements, management of state clean energy funds, net metering, state power purchase agreements, and renewable portfolio standards (RPS).  He also worked on wind energy permitting for project developers.

David previously served as Professor for Environmental and Energy Law, and as Executive Director of the Energy Project at Pace University School of Law.  David led a coalition of national and state environmental groups in the electric utility restructuring proceedings before the NY Public Service Commission.  One outcome was an $87 million/year fund to support energy efficiency services and commercialization of renewable energy technologies.

David has extensive experience in the field of air quality regulation. His 2002 paper prepared for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) assesses opportunities to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy under emission cap and trade provisions of the Clean Air Act.  A related paper was published by the Renewable Energy Policy Project, A Guide to the Clean Air Act for the Renewable Energy Community, in February 2000. David is the author of West Group’s Clean Air Handbook, (2011) and co-author of Air Pollution, a law school text-book (Anderson Publishing, 1998). In 1990, David co-authored Environmental Costs of Electricity, a book describing the monetary value of environmental damages from electric power production. (Oceana Press, 1990).

David also served as counsel to the Clean Air Task Force, a foundation supported project that represents citizen groups in administrative and judicial proceedings concerning emissions from electric power plants.  Previously he served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of NY, specializing in litigation and lobbying on air pollution issues.  He was lead counsel for a coalition of states, and national environmental groups in a campaign to stop acid rain.

In 2011 David received a distinguished achievement award at the annual conference of the Coal Funders Group, for his work in reducing pollution from coal fired power generation.  In 2001 David received the American Wind Energy Association’s State Leadership Award for his work in developing a favorable policy environment for wind energy in the Northeast. David received the Adirondack Council’s Distinguished Achievement Award in 1987 for his work on the acid rain issue.  The Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain recognized David as one of 29 leading contributors to passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

David was a founding partner of Young, Sommer…LLC, an Albany NY law firm specializing in environmental, land use, municipal, facility siting and energy law. He is admitted to practice law in N.Y., N.J., PA. and W.Va., numerous federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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