Panelist on Energy-Efficient Technologies: Alfred Rosales

Rosamon Energia was founded in the beginning of 2005, by Alfred Rosales, who was from 1991 to 1993 President of Engineer Without Borders. Rosamon Energia was developed as a original business model where all function where subcontracted from the beginning. Today Rosamon Energia expertise enhances industrial energy efficiency to R&D renewable energies projects and R&D Eco concept. The turnover in 2010 was 150,000 Euro. By 2013 the turnover is expected to reach 900,000 Euro by introducing original and aesthetic solar panels and developing energy efficiency activities in France and elsewhere. Rosamon Energia became a JEI (Young Innovating Company) in 2011. The R&D budget represents 66% of the turnover of the company. Rosamon Energia has been agreed to do business in the Chinese market as a service company in energy efficiency audit (22% of the turnover is generated in China).

Main Customers are Cement companies, Steel companies, copper companies , hospitals, cities, swimming pools.