Panelist on Extension of the Smart Grid inside the Plant: Philippe Machuel

Philippe Machuel is the current President and CEO of SHELLY NORTH CAROLINA Incorporated (SNC Inc.), Global Editor of all Shelly Solutions, included Shelly Informatix , and Shelly Smart Energy Business Intelligence. Former CEO for 15 years of SHELLY SARL, the first European company that deployed Shelly Solution in Europe, he supervised implementation of the Shelly Solutions in France, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, etc.

He was for years the Strategic primary contact for Shelly customers like Ethicon SA (Johnson & Johnson Company), BIC World, Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate, Senoble SA, etc. He became President of SNC Inc August 2009. He founded SHELLY GLOBAL SOLUTIONS SA, a parent company located in France that merged with former SHELLY SARL in Europe late 2010 and delivers Support and Service to Shelly installed base in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). He initiated the Smart Energy Business Intelligence. Philippe has a BA in Applied Mathematics and a MA in Quantum Physic from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).

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