Larry Rohrbough

Larry Rohrbough is Executive Director of the TRUST Science & Technology Center at the University of California, Berkeley.  Larry provides center leadership and coordinates TRUST activities that advance a leading-edge research agenda to improve the state-of-the art in cyber security; develop a robust education plan to teach and train the next generation of computer scientists, engineers, and social scientists; create diversity programs to increase the pipeline of women and underrepresented minorities in science and engineering; and purse knowledge transfer opportunities to transition TRUST research results to end users in industry and the government.

Larry has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, technology consulting, program management, and public/private research and development initiatives.  He has domain expertise in the areas of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, complex, software-intensive systems, and large-scale operations support systems.  Prior to joining TRUST, Larry was the Chief Technology Officer of the ESCHER Research Institute, a non-profit organization focused on transitioning government-sponsored open source technology from the research community to industry and government.  At ESCHER, Larry was responsible for defining and managing research and development projects, identifying technology transition opportunities, leading ESCHER’s technology market analysis and roadmapping exercises to forecast the direction of new technologies, and interfacing with researchers, scientists, and executives in academia, industry, and the government to identify research needs for the government, military, and industry.  Prior to ESCHER, Larry held technical and management positions with Accenture Ltd., CACI International, and Delex Systems, Inc.

Larry is a member of ACM and IEEE and holds a B.S. in Systems Analysis from Miami University and an M.S. in Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University.

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