Sylvain Robert

Sylvain Robert is a senior research engineer in CEA LIST (an institute belonging to CEA – the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), with an initial background in embedded software and soon 10 years experience in software engineering, He has been leading since 2009 a research & development thread dealing with application of software engineering and machine learning techniques to energy and building domains – after having, until 2009, focused his technical activity on embedded software and model-driven engineering. His achievements include a significant record of involvements in European projects, including as task and WP leader. In the field of ICT for energy and buildings, he is currently the coordinator of the PLUMES research project (French National Research agency, 2010-2013, 2 M€), WP leader in the RESILIENT European project (FP7, 2012-2016, 8M€), and WP leader in the Enerficiency European project (ITEA2, 2011-2014, 10 M€). In 2012, he was appointed as expert by the French National Research agency and by the European commission (DG Connect), and he is since 2011 the CEA representative on the Energy Efficient Building Association (E2BA).