Anne Kiremidjian, Professor – Stanford University

AnneProfessor Anne S. Kiremidjian is a faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. From 1987 to 2002 she also served as the Director and Co-Director of the John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center at Stanford University.  Dr Kiremidjian received her B.S. degree from Columbia University in Civil Engineering and her M.S. and Ph. D. degrees from Stanford University in Structural Engineering.  She has been on the faculty at Stanford since 1978 where she teaches courses in structural analysis, earthquake engineering, earthquake hazard and risk analysis, stochastic modeling and structural reliability analysis.  Her research over the years has focused on stochastic modeling of earthquake events, site hazard characterization, ground motion modeling, earthquake damage and loss estimation, structural damage modeling, regional and portfolio risk assessment, risk analysis of transportation systems, reliability analysis of industrial systems, damage detection algorithms, wireless sensor development and structural sensing system design. These projects have resulted in the development of earthquake hazard maps for
California, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. She has also been involved in the development of major earthquake, hurricane and tornado risk assessment software where she was the lead architect for the project. Currently she is working on the development of distributed remote sensing systems for structural damage monitoring using micro-electro-mechanical sensors, embedded diagnostic algorithms and advanced wireless communications technologies. In 1997 she and two of her colleagues were granted a US patent for the method and concept of wireless structural health monitoring (US Patent No. 6,292,108). Other major current research projects the development of time dependent risk models for individual structures and for regional loss estimation where structural deterioration and regional expansion play key role.

Professor Kiremidjian is the recipient of the School of Engineering Distinguished Advisor Award, Stanford University, June 1989, the National Science Foundation Faculty Award for Women, 1991-1995, the Society of Women Engineers Distinguished Educator Award, 1992, the American Society of Civil Engineer, the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering Distinguished Service Award, August 11, 1995, the Extraordinary Achievement Award from Applied Technology Council in 1998 and Best Paper Award with Dimitris Pachakis at International Workshop on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation, Bergeggi Italy, 3-5 October 2002, and on August 11, 2003 the C. Martin Duke Award for Excellence in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering Research from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Over the years she has given more than 40 invited, keynote and distinguished lectures. In  2008 she presented the Emilio Rosenblueth Distinguished Lecture at the the University of Mexico, UNAM, in 2009 was invited by the Government of Turkey to serve on a panel on the Seismic Risk to the City of Istanbul and in 2013 was the Otto Monstead Visiting Professor at the Denmark Technical University.

Dr. Kiremidjian has more than 300 publications that include journals papers, book chapters, technical reports, and refereed conference proceeding papers. She has been an invited, keynote and distinguished lecturer at major national and international meetings and makes frequent presentations at seminars and other professional gatherings.

Recent and past consulting projects include the seismic risk assessment of high rise concrete frame structure in San Diego, California, the development of a wireless structural monitoring system with embedded damage detection algorithms, the development of commercial risk assessment software for the insurance and reinsurance industry (which included the risk from earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes), risk assessment of major structures at the Chevron Refinery, Richmond, California, and risk assessment of the San Diego Water System extension, Flood risk assessment of upper Manhattan, New York. She also has and currently is serving on key professional and government committees as well as committees within Stanford University.