The objective of the 4th edition of CaFFEET was to provide state of the art research & development, industrial case studies and start-ups products on smart factory with a specific focus on energy. It is foreseen to address questions like:
– How does smart manufacturing improve process operations?
– How does smart manufacturing impact local energy management?
– What will be the impact of smart manufacturing on utility’s business models?

With presentations and discussions related to (for example) sensors, data analytics and case studies.


9:00am – Welcome addresses by

9:20am – Keynote Speaker –  Jim Davis, UCLA – “Implementing 21st Century Smart Manufacturing, Real-Time Networked Information and Enterprise Performance”. –Presentation

9:45am – Keynote Speaker – Steve Ray, IMS – “The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Program – An international Collaboration”. – Presentation

10:05am – Session 1 – Smart Factory @ the scale of the production line?

      10:05am Panel 1 : How does Smart Factory help improving productivity?

11:20am – Coffee Break

     11:35am –  Panel 2 : How does Smart Factory improve energy efficiency ? 

  • Ethan Rogers, ACEEE  (moderator) – “How is a Smart Factory more energy efficient?”. – Presentation
  • Arnaud Legrand, Energiency – “Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning for Industrial Energy Management”. – Presentation
  • Noah Goldstein, Navigant Research – “Innovative approaches to Industrial Energy Management”. – Presentation
  • Michel Morvan, The CoSMo Company – “Energy Management in Heavy Industrial Processes”. – Presentation

12:45pm – Lunch

1:45pm – Keynote Speaker – Laurent Manach, EMC2 Presentation

2:10pm – Session 2 – Smart Factory @ the scale of the plant/site?

       2:10pm – Panel 1: What does Industrial Site Design bring to productivity?  

3:20pm – Coffee Break

3:30pm – Panel 2: How does Smart Factory improve plant Energy Management?    

4:50pm – Start ups Pitches

5:15pm – Technology Showcase & Cocktail

6:30pm – Adjourn


9:00am – Keynote – Michael MacKenzie, Schneider – “Laying the Foundations of the Smart Factory” – Presentation

9:20am – Session 3 – Smart Factory in relation with its clients and suppliers

      9:20am – Panel 1: What is the added value for the supply chain ? .

  • Arnau Tibau, Walmart (moderator) 
  • Michel Banatre, INRIA – “Trust&Log: towards a major improvement in the logistics of secure parcel delivery based on connected objects and RFID technology”. – Presentation
  • David Doll, OSISoft – “Expanding Industrial IoT across the Value Chain”. – Presentation
  • Marek Sadowski, Robotics Invention – “Autonomous transportation robots for various flexible logistics tasks in the advanced manufacturing supply chain”. – Presentation

10:35am – Start ups Pitches

     11:05am – Panel 2: What is the impact on utilities business models?

12:30pm – Keynote – Gregorio Ameyugo, CEA LIST – “French Program Usine du Futur.” – Presentation

1:00pm – B2B meetings, private networking session

2:30 pm – Adjourn



By alphabetical order:

Victor Abelairas
Sr. Director
Wind River

Ammi Amarnath
Sr Program Manager

Gregorio Ameyugo
Program Manager
CEA Tech LIST Institute

Michel Banatre
SenseYou, Inria

Michael Bloor
ESI North America

Prasanta Bose

Pauline Carmona
Consul General of France
French Consulate
in San Francisco

Jim Davis
IT & Technology Officer

David Doll
Industry Principal
OSIsoft, LLC

Marie-Perrine Durot
Deputy Managing Director

Justin Fishkin
Chief Strategy Officer
Local Motors

Marie Frochen
Senior Manager
French Tech Hub

Noah Goldstein
Research Director
Navigant Research

Efran Ibrahim
Founder & CEO
The Bit Bazaar llc.

Stephanie Jumel
Smart City Program Manager
EDF R&D US Center

Richard MacKeller
Managing Partner
Chrysalix EVC

Michael MacKenzie
Schneider Electric

Sokha Leang
Research Engineer

Jan van der Lee
EDF R&D US Center

Arnaud Legrand

Laurent Manach

Michel Maschi

Nathalie Mitton
Team Manager

Michel Morvan
Executive Chairman
The Cosmo Company

William Pasley
Southern Company

Steve Ray small

Steve Ray
Pr development coach
IMS Intelligent
manufacturing system

Ethan Rogers
Sr Program Manager

Marek Sadowski
Founder & CEO
Robotics Invention

Siva Sethuraman
Sr Program Manager

Guillaume Tarel

Peter Therkelsen
Research Scientist

Arnau Tibau
Principal Data Scientist

Nora Touré
US Sales Manager

Thomas Watteyne
Sr Design Engineer
Linear Technology

Winnie Yu

Organization Committee:

Pierrick Bouffaron, Deputy Attaché, Consulate General of France

Basile Bouquet, Deputy Attaché, Consulate General of France; Smart Grid Analyst, EDF

Philippe Perez, Attaché for Science and Technology, Consulate General of France

Marie-Perrine DurotTechnology Partnership Director, PRIME Inc.

Marie Frochen, Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts, French Tech Hub.

Stephanie Jumel, Chief R&D Officer, EDF Inc.

Janyce Lavaury-Geoffroy, Smart Grid Innovation Analyst, ERDF.

Valerie Zeller, Director of Business Development, French Tech Hub.


Publications about CaFFEET’14:

–  Interview of Ethan Rogers, Program Manager at ACEEE, on Smart Factory
Hélène André, Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Nov.14, 2014

– 15 startups selected for the Tech ShowCase at CaFFEET’14
Hélène André, Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Nov.14, 2014

– “Smart Manufacturing ensures all information is available when and where it is needed, and in the form it is most useful”
Interview of Jim Davis, CTO at UCLA
Prime, Oct.28, 2014

– “Flextronics tells us more on Lab IX, the world’s largest hardware-focused venture group”
Interview of Maroane Abdallaoui,
Prime, Oct.27, 2014

– “The key to a smarter factory is continuous improvement”
Interview of David Doll, Industry Principal at OSIsoft
FrenchTech Hub, Oct.21, 2014

– “Additive manufacturing is a great opportunity for ESI Group and its customers”
Interview of Michael Bloor, COO at ESI Group North America
Hélène André, Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Oct.15, 2014

“Manufacturing is turning into a sophisticated set of information technology-based processes”
Interview of Stephanie Jumel, City and Industry Chief R&D Officer at EDF /
Hélène André, Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Oct. 8, 2014

– The Smart Factory, new opportunities for energy management in industry
Interview of Basile Bouquet, Consulate General of France, Office for Science & Technology /
Anne Degenne, Consulate General of France in San Francisco, Sept. 25, 2014

“Inria : French by design, Global by nature”,                                                               Interview of Isabelle Ryl, Director of Paris – Rocquencourt Research Center /               Hélène André, Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Sept. 29, 2014

Smart factories: French scientist Nathalie Mitton shares with us the future of IoT networks                                                                                                                Interview of Nathalie Mitton / Basptiste Cesarini, Prime FrenchTech Hub, Sept. 22, 2014

TechShowcase at CaFFEET’14 on Smart Factory & Energy Efficiency                     Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Sept.10, 2014

– CaFFEET’14 : Smart Factory, what is the added value?                                              Prime / FrenchTech Hub, Sep.04, 2014


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