Video Highlights 2012 (

Video Highlights 2012 (

“Smart City, What is The Added Value?”


Highlights of CaFFEET’12

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About CaFFEET’12
The concept of the ‘smart’ city has been around for a long time and there are many ‘smart’ city projects underway around the world. However, the deployment of ‘smart’ technologies is not cheap and therefore a key question for every city is whether being smart adds significant value. The aim of this conference, which brings together policy makers, industrialists and academics from the US and Europe, is to tackle this question by discussing “How Smart City approaches can be used to increase city attractiveness and city resilience?”. Collecting, analyzing and disseminating data lies at the heart of the smart city concept; raising for many fears that their privacy will be threatened or services unreliable because of cyber-terrorism or cyber-crime; the conference will therefore also address the question: “What is the cyber security risk of Smart City approaches?”and hopefully start to identify solutions.
An impressive line-up of policy makers, government officials, industrial groups, start-ups and academic researchers will discuss these questions and in plenary sessions, will work with participants to start to define the real value of the ‘smart’ technologies to the world’s cities in the 21st century.

Welcome Addresses

Robert Birgeneau
University of California, Berkeley

Paul Wright
CITRIS @ Berkeley, Director

Jean Claude van Duysen
EDF R&D in US, Director

Announcing Guest and Keynote Speakers

Francois Delattre
Ambassador of France to the U.S.

Michel Maschi (representing Bernard Salha)
VP International and Partnerships, EDF R&D

Melanie Nutter
Director of Environment, San Francisco

Jean-Louis Missika
Deputy Mayor of Paris
In Charge of Innovation, Research and Universities

Arshad Mansoor
Senior Vice President of R&D
Electric Power Research Institute

Nathalie Leboucher
Senior Vice President, Smart Cities

Ron Sege
CEO, Echelon

Mark McGranaghan
Vice President, Power
Delivery and Utilization Sector
Electric Power Research Institute

Announcing Panel Session Chairs


Chair of City Modeling and Simulation panel
Steve French, Professor of Sustainability, Energy and Environment and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Architecture, Georgia Tech

Chair of City Attractiveness panel
Gordon Feller, Director, Urban Innovations
Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco

Chair of City Resilience panel
Matt Lecar, Principal Consultant, GE Energy

Chair of City Cyber Security panel
Larry Rohrbough, Executive Director of the TRUST Science & Technology Center at UC Berkeley


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8:00 am – Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am – Welcome

  • Robert Birgeneau, UC Berkeley Chancellor
  • Paul Wright, CITRIS Director
  • Jean Claude van Duysen, Director of R&D in the US, EDF

9:15am – Keynote Speakers and Moderated Discussions

  • Michel Maschi, VP of International and Partnerships, EDF R&D, (representing Bernard Salha)
  • François Delattre, Ambassador of France to the United States
  • Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris – In charge of Innovation, Research and Universities
  • Melanie Nutter, Director of the Environment, City of San Francisco
  • Arshad Mansoor, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, EPRI
  • Nathalie Leboucher, Senior VP of Smart Cities, Orange
  • Ron Sege, CEO, Echelon


  • Ammi Amarnath, Senior Program Manager, EPRI
  • Jean Claude van Duysen, Director of R&D in the US, EDF

12:30 pm – Networking Lunch

1:30 pm – Introduction of the Panel Sessions

1:40 pm – Panel Session 1

Making the City More Attractive and More Resilient with Modeling & Simulation Techniques

ChairSteve French, Professor of Sustainability, Energy and Environment and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Architecture, Georgia Tech


  • Maxime Agostini, Chief Business Development Officer, EDF
  • Nicholas de Monchaux, Assistant Professor of Architecture & Urban Design at UC Berkeley, UC Berkeley CITRIS
  • Sylvain Robert, CEA LIST
  • Laurent Fournie, Energy Project Director, Artelys

3:10 pm – Coffee Break

3:30 pm – Panel Session 2

Making the City More Attractive with ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

ChairGordon Feller, Director of Urban Innovation, Cisco


  • Alex Bayen, Professor, UC Berkeley CITRIS
  • Carolyn Hogg, CIO, City of Fresno; Robert Tse, Community Planning and Development Specialist, USDA-Rural Development California; Joseph Oldham, Sustainability Manager, City of Fresno
  • Khaldoun Al Agha, Professor, Paris Sud University and Action Line leader at EIT ICT Labs

4:45 pm – Technology Pitch Session (companies listed in Technology Showcase)

5:45 pm – Cocktail Reception and Technology Showcase


7:30 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Keynote Speaker

9:00 am – Panel Session 3

Making the City More Resilient with ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

Chair: Matt LecarPrincipal Consultant, GE Energy


10:15 am – Coffee Break

10:30 – French Government Keynote

  • Anne Charreyron-Perchet, Senior Adviser for Sustainable Cities, Department of the French Commissioner General for Sustainable Development

11:00 am – Panel Session 4

The Cyber Security Risks of the Smart City

Chair: Larry RohrboughTRUST Executive Director, UC Berkeley


12:30 pm – Closing Remarks

12:40 pm – Lunch and Adjourn