Charles Huyck, Executive Vice President – ImageCat

CharlesCharles Huyck is the Executive Vice President of ImageCat, Inc. As a founding partner, Mr. Huyck has been instrumental in developing business strategies for integrating spatial technologies and risk assessment. Operationally, he oversees a team of engineers, scientists, and programmers developing CAT modeling and analytic tools for risk assessment. He is an active member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), and currently stands as Chair of the IT committee.

Mr. Huyck’s career path started at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services following the Northridge earthquake, where he worked with a small team to support post-event GIS operations. Shortly afterward in 1996, he joined EQE where he began his work with Ronald Eguchi to focus on the challenge of integrating GIS and remote sensing technologies into disaster simulation, loss estimation, and CAT modeling programs- bringing to the forefront such technologies as earthquake damage detection with remotely sensed images, earthquake transportation and lifeline disruption analyzed with GIS network analysis, and development of building exposure databases from satellite images. This early work formed the foundation for launching ImageCat, which has been uniquely positioned in the risk community as a consulting firm specializing in the intersection of engineering and geospatial technologies for risk management.

Mr. Huyck’s recent interests include novel approaches to business interruption, heuristics for data cleaning, inference of global earthquake building exposure from satellite data, and practical approaches to crowd-source interpretation of building damage using remotely-sensed data.