Claire Waast-Richard, CIO – EDF R&D

Claire WaastGraduated from the engineering school “Telecom ParisTech”, Claire WAAST-RICHARD received her PhD in Signal and Image Processing early 1994. She began her career at IBM France in 1990 where she carried out theoretical and experimental work on acoustic modeling applied to speech processing. In 1994 she joined IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown USA, where she participated to the conception of a worldwide IBM code framework to enhance and speed-up scientific experiments and solution developments in the field of human language technologies. Back in France late 1996, she has been involved in R&D for IBM’s speech recognition, text to speech and natural language understanding software products and customer solutions. In 2000, she was promoted manager of the French R&D speech-processing group and took in addition the responsibility of several IBM worldwide projects (Europe, USA, China mainly).
In 2005, she joined EDF R&D, to develop computing and applied-mathematics solutions for customers behavior analysis. Related scientific fields was : structured and unstructured data mining, load curve analysis, business intelligence.  Mid 2009 she has been promoted Chief of Staff of the R&D Senior Vice President and has been in charge of all R&D Executive Committee coordination aspects. She is, since mid 2011, EDF R&D CIO and is in charge of  the EDF Information Technology R&D Program.