Jan van der Lee, Director – EDF R&D in the USA

Jan van der Lee is Director of EDF R&D in the USA. The EDF R&D Center is located in Silicon Valley, where it partners with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and works in real time with leading companies that are seeking increased innovation in energy industries. The R&D Center is also responsible for creating collaboration networks with universities, national laboratories, and industrial leaders in the energy sector. These institutions are selected for their new energy expertise or advanced research facilities. Today, EDF collaborates with MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and EPRI, among others. Prior to his current position, Jan van der Lee was Director of the Materials Ageing Institute (MAI), an international organization of scientific collaboration among the world’s largest nuclear utilities and related industries from France, USA, UK, Russia, China and Japan. Among others, he created the MAI Scientific Network, gathering experts in materials degradation science from about 20 universities worldwide. Jan van der Lee furthermore collaborates in several international initiatives which focus on safe long-term operation of nuclear power plants, is member of the Bureau of SFANS (French branch of the American Nuclear Society), SFC (French Society for Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Division) and of Paul Scherrer Institute’s Scientific Committee.
Before joining EDF in 2009, he was researcher and professor at Mines-ParisTech (formerly “Ecole des Mines de Paris”) for close to 20 years. He received his M.S. degree from the Amsterdam Free University in 1989 and subsequently his Ph.D. from Mines-ParisTech. He is fluent in English, French, German and Dutch.