Marie-Perrine Durot, Deputy Managing Director – PRIME Inc

Marie-Perrine Durot is a specialist in international scientific and technological cooperation. Since January 2012, she is working in the San Francisco Bay area, as Deputy Managing Director for PRIME Inc. fostering technological partnerships, collaborative, innovative and integrated R&D between world-class research institutes and universities in the Paris Region with US firms. Since 2013, she is involved in the launching of a Transatlantic Open Innovation Club, an initiative to accelerate access > adoption > integration of transatlantic innovations by connecting U.S. and French companies, startups and innovators in specific industry domains. Prior to working with PRIME, Marie-Perrine worked on water resources development internationally. As International Partnerships Officer at the French Research Institute on Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (IRSTEA, ex-CEMAGREF), she developed strategic partnerships between French scientists and top-ranked universities worldwide, in particularly in the US (UC Berkeley, MIT). In 2008, she was appointed head of European affairs of the R&D office at the French National Agency on Water and the Aquatic Environments.
Marie-Perrine has a Master of Sciences from Paris University and a Master of Engineering from the French Institute on Water Forestry and Environment (ENGREF). She combines a strong scientific background in eco-technologies with an outstanding command of partners’ relationships acquired throughout her career with both academic and business/industry partners.