Martine Naillon, Founder & President – Co-Decision Technology

MartineInventor of the Co-Mining Technology®, Dr. Martine Naillon is responsible for setting the vision and corporate strategy for Co-Decision.  As acting CTO and product architect, she is also responsible for the development of Co-Mining® core technologies.

Dr. Naillon is a specialist in Mathematics and Neuroscience.  Since 1985 she has been a pioneer in neuronal networks, and a specialist in military and economic intelligence technology.  An authority in the area of Cognitive technologies, Dr. Naillon has been quoted and profiled in numerous print, online and broadcast media worldwide.  She has also worked for the French Ministry of Defence on several key projects.

She designed, developed and documented many of advanced software’s earliest analytical procedures, including Active Vision and Cobra distributed computing, Active Cognition and Network computing, in connection with international laboratories (MIT, Maryland University, Santa Fe Institute, Weizmann Institute).  She supervised the start-up of many projects, including two prototypes in factory automation and adaptive robotics based on cooperative agents and adaptive processing, using genetic algorithms and neural networks.