Michael MacKenzie, Vice President – Schneider Electric

AmeyudoMichael MacKenzie is Vice President of Digital Energy Transformation for Schneider Electric’s Global Solutions Business, a Fortune 500 company and the global specialist in Energy Management solutions. Michael works closely with clients in the Industrial sector to create the practical strategies needed by operations to comply with regulatory standards, remove energy waste from their bottom line and develop sustainable operational efficiency programs.
Michael is also an active board member for both the “Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition” (SMLC) in the USA and the “Energy Efficiency in Industrial Process” association (EE-IP) to the European Commission with the goal of facilitating innovation through open and inclusive dialogue between industry and policy-makers while advocating for the adoption of efficient technologies and strategic partnerships.

Presentation: “Laying the Foundations of the Smart Factory”
Futurists promise the factory of the future will be a connected beacon of technology: eliminating downtime, seamlessly integrating IT & OT and removing resource waste while delivering green, defect-free production. But what challenges do we need to overcome today to achieve this gleaming future and how can we transform our operations to achieve this today?