Michel Banatre, SenseYou Co-Founder -INRIA

Since 1986 Michel Banatre holds a Senior Researcher position (“Directeur de Recherche”) at INRIA. He has a strong background in distributed system design and a solid experience in technology transfer. In the past, he led research activity in Java based operating systems for appliances, with a strong partnership with Texas-Instruments (TI). In October 2003, TI created a Java research competence centre in Rennes in order to exploit the results from this cooperation. Since 2007, he has initiated a new and very promising research area related to the notion of Physical Coupled Objects (PCO). The basic purpose behind this notion is to verify that a set of objects, parts, components, people remain the same along some activity or process, or remain consistent against a given property (such as a part count). The implemented solution based on RFID is a fully distributed system where only local properties are checked in order to ensure a global goal. Very promising applications and services have been already identified and deployed mainly for security and traceability in supply chain area. Finally, he co-founded SenseYou, an INRIA start-up. Since 2012, the business of SenseYou is strongly related secure services based on the PCO concept, in particular the transport of valuable or unique objects: luxury, art, unique pieces, sensitive documents (business Firms, banks), or drugs.