Pierre Trevet, Founder – Helios Exchange

PierrePierre Trevet is a pioneer and entrepreneur in the field of environmental finance and sustainability investing, totaling 20+ years experience in financial services and IT industry. He has co-engineered numerous investment approaches to address sustainability problems, including the algorithms for world’s first global equity fund based on eco-efficiency principles (Storebrand EcoValue Fund, 1995), eco-enhanced equity funds (Credit Agricole Green Planet Fund, 2004), and world’s first carbon bond index (JP Morgan Carbon Beta Bond Index, 2008). Pierre Trevet is the Founder and CEO of HELIOS Exchange which he started in 2012 with the mission to use information technology to create the needed investor confidence to catalyze energy efficiency financing. Prior to that Pierre was the Head of Sustainability Finance for over 3 years at C3 Energy. At C3, Pierre has been instrumental in developing C3’s initial product roadmap and product strategy. Prior to C3, he was Managing Director at Innovest Strategic Value Advisors for 10 years, heading the European activities and the carbon finance practice. Prior to that, he was CEO and Founder of Ecolistic, a corporate environmental management and accounting software. Previously, he has worked in Norway as an Environmental Finance Analyst at Storebrand, as an Energy and Environmental Management Consultant at Statkraft Engineering and held diverse roles as Project Engineer at Doris Engineering. Mr. Trevet holds a MSc (1990) in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering from ParisTech, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, and an MSc (1995) (Hon.) in Energy & Environment Management from the Norwegian School of Management.