Sokha Leang, Research Engineer – EDF

Sokha Leang received an engineering degree on agronomy and environnement at AgroParisTech, in 2013, in France. Prior to joining EDF, she worked on analytics chemistry and copublished an article on detection and quantification methods for pharmaceutical products in environnemental matrix with INRA. Then, she joined the “water environnement and developpment” team of an hydraulic production center of EDF to focus on sediment management in the Rhine river. She currently works as a research engineer at EDF Research and Development, near Paris in France. Eco-efficiency and Industrial Process research unit competences on energy efficiency, in industry, agriculture and transport, contribute to improve EDF and its clients’ performance. In this unit, Sokha has sectorial expertise on industry, in particular on food and beverage industry, datacenters and industrial ecology. She is involved in building new energy services offering for EDF’s industrial clients to support the Sales Division of EDF. One of her other main research subjects is implementing prospective scenarii on industry evolution in France. She also develops methods and tools to facilitate industrial ecology integration in territories.