Startup Line-up

By Alphabetic Order:

Carnot Compression

Speaker: Todd Thompson

carnot compressionCarnot Compression LLC has invented a proprietary isothermal compression process that is the most energy efficient and economical air and gas compression method in the marketplace. Carnot’s process uses a gas/water micro-emulsion to compress gas in a centrifugal field. Water absorbs the heat of compression. Therefore, Carnot’s process requires less energy input delivering comparable compression output versus conventional compressors.
Carnot’s technology will drive energy and cost savings across a broad base of compression applications including industrial air compression, multiple oil and gas compression applications, CNG fueling, refrigeration, HVAC, energy storage, and more.

Cityzen Data

Speaker: Vincent Ethier

cityzen dataCityzen Data propose an unique solution that addresses all markets segments that have to deal with geo time series, especially those coming from any kind of sensors.


Speaker: Ken Hepburn

bureauDAQRI is a global technology leader that is fundamentally transforming the way people deliver and interact with information through a powerful new medium, 4D. 4D incorporates augmented reality and other technologies to add a new dimension to any environment via mobile and wearable devices. An innovator in computer vision, DAQRI’s industry-leading software and hardware set the standard for the next generation in industrial, storytelling, and educational technologies.


Speaker: Arnaud Legrand

energiencyEnergiency specializes in cloud, big data and machine learning algorithms based on process and energy data, and provides predictive analytics tools for industrial energy management (ISO 50001). Energiency has received several awards related to innovation, including EDF Smart Energy Award 2013, French Ministry of Research Award 2014 and Cleantech Open France Award 2014.
During CaFFEET, they would like to meet manufacturing industries in food, mechanical, chemistry, pulp & paper and materials.


Speaker: Arianne Cotte

enlightedEnlighted provides people-smart energy efficiency solutions for commercial environments, based on its innovative Enlighted sensor and analytics platform. The Enlighted system securely and anonymously collects and mines unique environmental, occupancy, and activity data to deliver advanced analytics that are used to improve lighting efficiency, productivity, and profitability enterprise-wide. The Enlighted platform can also be extended for use with other building management systems. Enlighted customers save up to 70% in energy costs while tuning individual workspaces for the comfort and efficiency of the people who work in them.


Speaker: Nikunj Mehta

falkonryFalkonry’s mission is to solve operational intelligence problems for the world’s largest industrial companies. Falkonry’s technology provides speed and surgical precision in hidden condition detection and diagnosis. It can be rapidly set up without data science expertise and works for systems as well as operations involving different systems. Its automated machine learning technology (alpha release) was rapidly applied for a major transportation company to achieve millions of dollars in savings through early and accurate diagnosis of component condition. Falkonry was selected by Siemens to their 2014 New Venture Forum.

Flutura Decision Sciences

Speaker: Derick Jose

fluturaFlutura is changing the way intelligence from data is used to impact energy outcomes in the Industrial world! Flutura is a pioneering Decision Sciences company leveraging new streaming sensor data from IOT to curate Intelligent Data Products that impact industrial/energy outcomes. Flutura is funded by The Hive a leading Silicon Valley based Big Data fund. It is the fastest growing Big Data Analytics organization with a patent pending platform called Cerebra which can accelerate signal detection. At Flutura we also strongly believe that the number of devices connected to internet will unleash a whole new wave of blue ocean opportunities for the entire ecosystem.


Speaker:T.M Ravi

foghornFogHorn is a path-breaking multi-tier IoT application deployment platform that efficiently bridges Information Technology (IT) in the backend with operational technology (OT) onsite, while bringing a familiar developer Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) experience. FogHorn embraces Fog computing to deliver, embed and host applications in edge compute nodes inserted in the sensor network. FogHorn supports Fog infrastructure from industry leaders such as Cisco and Intel.


Speaker: Gary Calderon

gridscapeGridscape Solutions is a software and service company that specializes in designing and developing a broad range of smart energy solutions for utilities, manufacturers and other enterprises. Our core competency is to leverage right technological innovations and provide leadership to design, manage and implement turnkey energy solutions for our worldwide clients. Our solutions not only bring operational efficiency and savings to our customers but also create new sources of revenue.


Speaker: Guillaume Bathelet

konatic logoKonatic designs and produces world class vision machines for quality inspection, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. These systems provide complex real-time analysis on the production line, using multispectral lighting and 3-D measurements, and manage huge amount of manufacturing data. Konatic main customers are key players of the container glass industry, like Owens-Illinois world’s leading glass container manufacturer, headquarters Ohio USA.

Pragma Industries

Speaker: Pierre Forte

pragmaindustriesEstablished in 2004 in France, Pragma Industries has built a worldwide customers portfolio in the fuel cell business. Research, Education and Industry are the three pillars of its products and commercial base. The company now leads innovation in fuel cells by taking the technology to the mass manufacturing stage, introducing an enhanced customer experience for all portable and small mobile applications

Robotics Inventions

Speaker: Marek Sadowski

robotics inventionRobotics Inventions is a New Product Development company delivering in 6 months preproduction prototypes (including Bill of Material), excelling in fully- and semi-autonomous robots, vision systems, the autonomy module RI SPIRIT, the robot swarm management system RI FLEET, innovative user interfaces and various components, having a dedicated production facility, as well as the robotics professional services. Robotics Inventions offers inspection, monitoring and logistics robots that are able to support Non-Disruptive Evaluation.


Speaker: Pascal Plantard

logo-tronico_0Tronico is specialized in the design and integration of electronic systems for high added-value equipment. Alternative Energies division focuses on electro-hydrogen systems and provides power conversion and battery management systems for embedded or stationary applications.


Speaker: Fabrice Derepas

trustinsoftTrustInSoft enables software developers and integrators to exhaustively detect the most frequent and dangerous families of threats in their software. This unique feature has been recognized by NIST and guarantees that TrustInSoft customers’ products do not contain hidden most common vulnerabilities. TrustInSoft sells tools and professional services to audit safety and security of critical existing software components without disrupting their existing development processes.

Verdafero Inc

Speaker: Alastair Hood

verdaferoVerdafero Inc, a leading provider of Utility Analytics Software Platforms enabling the worldwide commercial property market to save money through improved utility resource management. Verdafero’s utility management software tools are used by some of the best known companies & brands in the world as well as medium-sized cities here in California to make informed decisions on their multiple utility streams, not just energy, across multiple locations and facilities. Verdafero helps organizations better manage their utility data by presenting the complex information in a way that the user can easily make informed decisions. It is delivered through a cloud-based ‘per meter per month pricing’ SaaS subscription model. All information is securely hosted and accessed through any web-enabled device 24/7.