Steve Adler, Information Strategist – IBM

steveSteven Adler is IBM’s Information Strategist. He is responsible for IBM Information Strategy, including Data Governance, Big Data, Open Data, and System Dynamics. He developed and leads the Information Governance Community, is chair of the IBM Information Strategy Council, and advises customers on Information Strategy and Governance around the world. In 1996, Steven invented Internet Insurance, persuading leading underwriters to understand the interent as a area of exposure that required insurance coverage to grow into the commercial marketplace it is today. In 2001, Steven patented the Enterprise Privacy Architecture and led a team that translated the first legal regulations into XML. In 2004, He founded IBM’s Data Governance Council, a thought leadership Forum of 50 companies that created the Data Governance Industry through collaborative IP development and benchmarking. In 2009, he hosted meetings in New York Systemic Risk Taxonomies and made recommendations for Systemic Risk Councils that are today part of financial regulatory reform in the US and EU. In 2010, he created the Information Governance Community, a Social Networking leadership group with 3000 members worldwide. Today, Steven develops Information Strategies that combine Data Management, Governance, and Big Data to develop Information Products that drive innovation and growth. Mr. Adler was recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Finance by Treasury and Risk Magazine. He is on the Global Forum Steering Committee, the Bucerius Law School Advisory Board, a member of the Jericho Forum, EDM Council, and a co-founder of the OASIS XMILE Technical Committee. He writes two blogs and is frequently quoted in Asian, European and American press articles in trade journals, magazines, and newspapers and has contributed to many publications.