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Co-Decision Technology

Speaker: Martine Naillon

Description: Co-Decision Technology S.A.S. developed the patented Co-Mining® technological breakthrough. This technology, which finds its roots in Defense, is now offered as a software suite called decider.track and targets the financial, defense and security industries. Co-Decision Technology S.A.S is based in Paris, France, with a subsidiary in New York, a lab in Washington DC and one soon in Canada. The firm has strong industrial partners. Co-Decision Technology’s vision is to become leader in next generation Business Analytics & Big Data which mimic the human behaviour of handling complex decisional processes. Co-Decision has been participant of the French Tech Tour in Silicon Valley last June and since is developing strong relationships with several large US industries. The Company has raised 2 M€ raised so far in Europe, America and Asia and is searching for 3M$.

The CoSMo Company

Speaker: William Wescott

Description: CoSMo provides solutions that enable businesses, ranging from urban services to the pharmaceutical industry around the globe, to manage their complex systems together with their evolutive environment. Dynamic scenarios, powered by CoSMo, will allow our customers to anticipate complex systems behavior and impact, thus creating the conditions for managing the complexity of our world.


Speaker: Julien Pennecot

Description: Dotsyn enable companies to work with huge point clouds, such as the ones collected from 3D laser scanners – static as well as mobile systems.  Its breakthrough technology was developed by a team of experts in software-engineering, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. Dotsyn was founded in 2012 in Berlin and has a Germano-French management team.

Evolution Energie

Speaker: Erwin Guizouarn

Description: Evolution Energie was founded in respond to demand from energy intensive industries that need to handle the challenges of the energy markets.
We provide energy software for businesses and utility intensive organizations. We deliver the tools and services that procurement and finance departments need to manage their commodity portfolio throughout the world. We regularly update our system to match new energy requirements and regulations.
Our solutions are deployed on more than 200 sites in the world, which corresponds to 150 TWh of energy per year.

Fruition Sciences

Speaker: Sebastien PayenThibaut Scholasch

Description: Fruition Sciences is an innovative company providing winemakers and grape-growers with a decision tool to monitor their vineyard in order to optimize quality and yield through water status management. Founded on more than 7 years of principles and developmental research at world class academic institutions in both France and the US, the technologies of Fruition Sciences are deeply rooted in the areas of high-technology and viticulture.

Green Communications

Speaker: Khaldoun Al Agha

Description: Green Communications provides devices that create instantaneous and autonomous networks. Those devices are light and work on battery. They could be held in a pocket or a handbag. They connect to each other and offer a Wi-Fi connection to the users of the network. Applications are embedded on the network (email, chat, telephony, data sharing…) and allow communications without a gateway through the Internet. During catastrophic scenarios, operator’s networks are saturated or damaged, our devices make available a way to communicate to inform and evacuate people. We deploy algorithms and applications that use the network data (topology, GPS positions, availability…) that make the evacuation process possible and deterministic.


Speaker: Filip Gluszak

Description: Gridpocket is one of the first companies to focus exclusively on development of Value Added Services for the SmartGrid. The solutions of GridPocket include innovative applications for electrical energy consumption management, demand control software, M2M and behavioral experts systems. GridPocket distributes its applications through partnerships with energy distributors, ESCOs (energy saving companies), equipment manufacturers and utilities worldwide. GridPocket’s applications enable end-users to take full control over their energy spending, and reduce their CO2 emissions.

HELIOS Exchange

Speaker: Pierre Trevet

Description: HELIOS Exchange provides a building energy analytics platform to facilitate the financing of energy retrofits in commercial buildings. HELIOS’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offers standardized building energy performance assessment, energy retrofit simulation and risk assessment analytics necessary to build confidence, reliability and scalability of retrofit projects.


Speaker: Riad Ziour

Description: Openergy is an innovative startup specalized in data analytics for energy efficiency. It helps its clients manage and analyze their building energy data so as to drastically improve energy efficiency.

People Power

Speaker: Charlotte Band

Description: People Power offers uncommonly simple methods to solve common integration challenges. We’re masters at breaking down the barriers of ordinary solutions by building extraordinary implementations that actually cooperate with each other. We’re interested in getting everything to talk together. That’s when the Internet of Everything delivers on the promise of radical efficiency.


Speaker: Olivier Jerphagnon

Description: PowWow allows farmers and ranchers to quickly detect water leaks that can destroy an entire crop, or damage a property by thousands of dollars. Leaks happen often in irrigation, and are labor intensive to identify. Unlike competing solutions that use hardware sensors, we mine data from smart power meters attached to water pumps using the Green Button interface and proprietary algorithms. The SaaS product adresses a critical hurdle in Agriculture to adopt more efficient irrigation techniques. PowWow is based in Sunnyvale, California and was founded in 2012 by a technology entrepreneur who grew up in rural Brittany, France. PowWow’s first product, The Smart Leak Detector™, is a Cleantech Open 2013 finalist.

Security X

Speaker: Christophe Briguet

Description: Hive Data will present an SaaS (or private cloud) solution to identify and analyze advanced threats by contextual behavioral modeling of a large volume of enterprise security information from network packets, security events, and application logs as well as external data. Our solution is based on using statistical and machine learning techniques running on a Big Data scale-out storage and processing platform consisting of open source components such as Hadoop. Our solution profiles a very large set of entities (e.g. user, system, application, port, protocol, files, tables, etc.) using behavioral models for accurate detection of advanced threats and guided analytics of the root cause and scope of threats. The results from our solution can also be injected into existing SIEM solutions for SOC visibility. Based in Palo Alto.


Speaker: Xavier Facelina

Description: Transferring external information to a protected zone using a safe and secure process is essential for industrial processes. Seclab offers innovative hardware-based solutions which act as an “airlock” to enable data exchange without any network connectivity. This ensures isolation of both zones which keep their own trust domain.


Speaker: Rand Hindi

Description: Snips’ algorithms combine big data technologies with graph theory to identify hidden factors underlying urban behaviors. This approach, called “contextual modelling”, allows us to understand how people and cities interact, leading to innovative solutions to urban challenges. They are base in Paris, Bordeaux and Copenhagen.
Laureates of the 2013 Clean Tech Open France competition


Speaker: Luc Jacquet

Description: boostHEAT specialises in new energy technologies, developing and industrialising new heat generators that combine a heat pump with a boiler. These new heat generators consume half the energy of a condensing boiler thanks to a breakthrough technology that is currently being developed for new and renovated homes and will primarily concern the cooperative housing and tertiary sectors. This technology will eventually be extended to cooling and air-conditioning systems, as well as decentralised electricity production. boostHEAT also develops innovative economic models designed to bring its technology to the masses.


Speaker: Cyril Torre

Description: SILTENE aims at establishing a new manufacturing standard for ultra high-density data storage. SILTENE has developed a disruptive technology to treat magnetic materials for enhancing their density, reducing manufacturing costs and improving yield for both HDD and MRAM applications.

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